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Is There a Cure for Stuttering?

The following paragraphs summarize the work of Stuttering experts who are completely familiar with all the aspects of Stuttering. Heed their advice to avoid any Stuttering surprises.

Do you often feel embarrassed whenever your friends make fun of how you speak? For sure, you are wondering if there is any cure for stuttering. Unfortunately, no magic pill or miracle can stop this speech problem.

However, here?s the good news: there are several methods that can help you reduce your tendency to stutter. With sheer determination and commitment, you can use some of these ways to improve your speech over time. Try to be positive?for sure, your efforts will eventually pay off.

The number one rule you must keep in mind when speaking: relax. You will stutter less often when you learn to relax while speaking. Let the words flow smoothly from your mouth. Never force yourself to talk too fast or else you only increase the likelihood of your stammering. Rushing your words only makes you stutter more. While keeping yourself relaxed, take deep breaths before you try to speak. And as you?re speaking, don?t forget to breathe out. Failure to breathe properly while speaking may have its serious consequences, including stammering.

As you are speaking, try to visualize the words in your mind. This will make it easier for you to speak slowly and fluently. Say each syllable or letter slowly. This tip is very helpful especially for words that usually make you stutter.

Those of you not familiar with the latest on Stuttering now have at least a basic understanding. But there’s more to come.

On the market today, there are several medications formulated to reduce stammering. These drugs work by affecting the brain as well as the nerves and muscles responsible for controlling speech. However, you cannot use them as a long-term treatment method because of their undesirable side effects.

Electronic gadgets that help people control their tendency to stutter are another option. But instead of aiding people to speak fluently, these devices tend to be disruptive. That is why only a few people use these gadgets along with speech therapies.

That being said, it would be better to rely on the specialists or people who are trained to treat people who stutter.
Of course, you have to consult your doctor or a speech pathologist to check your condition and identify the problem. The doctor can refer you to speech specialists who can treat stammering.

It helps to see a hynotheraphist who will treat your speech condition. A hypnotherapist specializes in using hypnosis to condition your mind in your favor. A speech therapist can also aid you in reducing the frequency of your stuttering. The therapist will train you to enhance your speech abilities by teaching exercises that help you visualize what you are going to say. Speech therapy is one of the most popular ways to treat speech problems such as stammering. Undergoing therapy can cost you money, but it can help you get results after several sessions.

Finally, having more self-confidence greatly improves the way you speak and lessens your stuttering. What does confidence have to do with your speaking abilities? Well, many people stutter a lot whenever they are very nervous or anxious. When you speak in front of people without being anxious at all, you will become more relaxed. And when you are relaxed, chances are you will become more fluent.

There’s no doubt that the topic of Stuttering can be fascinating. If you still have unanswered questions about Stuttering, you may find what you’re looking for in the next article.

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Stuttering Brain ? Explaining the Connection

Current info about Stuttering is not always the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this report includes the latest Stuttering info available.

Stuttering may be hard to be dealt with by adults, especially when they can?t get the jobs that they want simply because they don?t have enough confidence or the right approach to be able to express their thoughts. But just imagine how this situation affects children who are only starting to spread their wings and socialize only to be ridiculed because of the condition that they have. Ones stuttering brain and words will have a great impact on one?s life if they will not get the proper treatment and actions to try and cure the condition.

On Your Mind

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Stuttering story from informed sources.

It may be amazing to see this condition being able to sing fluently, even read aloud with such ease and talk to oneself with not so much of fumbling. What does this prove? Up to this date, studies are still being conducted to strengthen the claims and proofs to relate one?s stuttering to something that has gone bad on their brains.
But is this really all on your mind? In Minnesota, researchers proved that more than the emotional anxieties that a person who stutters goes through, what gravely affects the condition are the irregularities in the composition and anatomical being of their brain areas which directly affect language and speech patterns.
It was also published on the scientific journal called the Neurology, owned by the American Academy of Neurology that there are evidences leading to the conclusion that the brain affects the speech patterns. They published the first findings about how the specific brains areas that are responsible for such patterns affect and puts the person at risk of developing the condition.
Different Studies

Specialists continue on finding explanations and solutions about the root of this condition. Anne Foundas, MD of Tulane University in New Orleans conducted a study. She tested 16 patients with unrelenting PDS or persistent developmental stuttering and 16 with controlled cases of stuttering. She used MRI scans for this purpose to measure these people?s brains. She found out that all patients with PDS have significantly bigger right and left temporal lobes and the shapes of their brains contain irregularities than with those who can control their condition.
Your Call

If you have a child who is suffering from stuttering, you cannot just sit comfortably at your homes while waiting for these studies to be completed. These studies can give evidences or might also strengthen the beliefs that you already have about the condition of your child. But you can help in your own way by observing and determining other factors which might worsen your child?s situation.
1. Look at their environment. Where do they usually go? How do people react to their situation? The way these people respond to your child will also affect how your child responds to them. So if you can still intervene to make the situation lighter and better for your child, then do so. It is your responsibility as a parent. And you will be helping your child in the process.
2. Observe their social skills. Your child might be feeling intimidated when associating with other people, especially those with strong personalities. Maybe you can make the process easier for them by preparing them as to what to expect once they have met with certain people with different attitudes and skills.
3. If the problem all lies in the stuttering brain, do your part in healing your child. If studies haven?t progressed that much about this field, you can opt for other ways like speech therapies and the like to control the situation while you still can.

As your knowledge about Stuttering continues to grow, you will begin to see how Stuttering fits into the overall scheme of things. Knowing how something relates to the rest of the world is important too.

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A Brief Explanation about Stuttering and Brain Problems

When you think about Stuttering, what do you think of first? Which aspects of Stuttering are important, which are essential, and which ones can you take or leave? You be the judge.

Stuttering and brain problems are often being interrelated by the various studies which have been conducted about the topic. Although nothing has been proven yet as a strong evidence or proof as to the relation, there are different studies that point to the disfigured area on the brain?s anatomy that controls speech as the one responsible for the stuttering.
Although aside from brain problems, stuttering can also be rooted to emotional dilemma and baggage. A child may go through this stage when they are only beginning to talk up to about three years old. But this is a normal phase that everybody will go through. The problem begins when the speech doesn?t develop long after such phase and the stuttering won?t seem to stop. This is when parents should be alert in finding a cure for their children because the red flag is starting to raise that they are suffering from a medical condition already.
Characteristics of Stutterers

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

Stutterers usually show signs of repetition of consonants to words and phrases. The longer the words they repeat, the more serious their situation is. Aside from constant repetition, stutterers have long pauses or a series of short ones when they are expressing their thoughts. They also appear drawn out from what they are saying because of the manner in which they are expressing what they want to say.
A child who is just learning how to talk and is experiencing the whole process is very different from a child with a mild form of stuttering condition. The latter will often be caught with more than twice repetition of sounds that they hear of syllables from what they really would want to say. Usually, the facial muscle of a child with a medical condition becomes tensed and they might appear to be fighting with the words that they really want to express but are still figuring out how.
Other children with this condition will raise their voices out of exasperation about their situation. Some children will pause on the midst of their sentences because they could hardly breathe or they lack the air needed to be able to go on with what they are saying. The severe cases for children are said to be those who stutter for more than 10 percent of their whole speech.
The child may appear rowdy and irritable because they feel the exasperation of doing something that appears so easy for other people to do. They feel the tension and the pressure may also get into them. This will be worse if they will be exposed to other children who do not have their condition and who wouldn?t understand them. Once they are bullied about their situation, the more chances that they will feel like a failure. This may lead for them to shy away from the public light. This may also cause early signs of depression for these children.
The Cure

There are drugs available nowadays which you can try for your child to take. But the chances of getting better really depend on the child?s immune system and how their system reacts to the drugs. As a parent, the best cure that you can give to your child who has this problem is support and continuous therapy.
And although stuttering and brain problems are often being linked, the condition doesn?t really affect one?s intelligence. So somebody who has it can still achieve flying colors in life and career.

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The stuttering miracle cure

People who suffer form stuttering have been looking for the miracle cure for stuttering ever since stuttering was discovered. People have been crossing oceans to find the stuttering miracle cure to no avail. There is o miracle cure for stuttering but there are therapies and treatments that are available for people who suffer stuttering and who are looking for a cure.

For years and years people thought that there is no cure or people would never be able to rid themselves of the stuttering sickness that they endure. Well, like most speech impediments stuttering has a cure though it is not a miracle cure that takes away stuttering overnight rather a series of carefully laid out steps that take time to take effect. Because of the time tolling nature of this cure it is highly recommended for the individuals that are trying to rid themselves of stuttering to be patient and understanding.

The treatments and drugs that can be used to cure stuttering

There is no medicinal cure for stuttering. Since most children develop stuttering at an early age most of them outgrow it before it becomes and actual burden to the child, because of this stuttering in children requires no special therapy and treatments. But in any case that the child reaches the age of five and still has problems regarding their stuttering the parents should see a speech therapist of a developmental pediatrician to consult if the child’s stuttering is still within comfort zones.

In most cases of adult stuttering it has been found that they developed stuttering as children and never outgrew it because of the lack of professional help and treatment.

The more authentic information about Stuttering you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Stuttering expert. Read on for even more Stuttering facts that you can share.

Experts’ advice

Speech therapists’ claim that good practice can cure people of their stutters even without the help of a trained professional, all they need to do is follow a few simple exercises/ tips to make sure that they out grow the burdens of a stutter.

1. Good posture at all times. Having a god posture is the key to eliminate speech impediments in both young and old. It is particularly effective for people who tend to slur their words when they speak. Slurring of words can be closely associated with stuttering because of the slow production of sounds that words have. Though similar in some aspects some speech therapists’ claim that having a good posture may not be enough to make sure that a person can get rid of their stutter. Though there is scientific basis that relates stuttering to bad posture there is still nothing bad to have you shoulders rolled back and your chin up.

2. Push out your stomach when producing the sounds of the letters b,d,g,k, and v. Some experts say that most of the stuttered on letters are the letters that are listed above, they say that reasons for it is because of the air pushing nature of the sounds of the letters that make it difficult for some people to say correctly thus creating a stuttering effect on the letters and the words containing the letters.

3. Breathing in deeply. Deep breaths are essential to speech because air flow controls the sound production of letters in the words. Keeping your body aligned by breathing in and out properly makes it easier for the body to control the flow of air out of the mouth. Another reason relates to how air relaxes the muscles of our body.

Pressure and anxiety are key factors to stuttering and with more air that we take in the less stressed our muscles become.

Is there really any information about Stuttering that is nonessential? We all see things from different angles, so something relatively insignificant to one may be crucial to another.

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The Step-By-Step Process of Mind-Body-Spirit Technique to Heal Struttering

The following article lists some simple, informative tips that will help you have a better experience with Stuttering.

Many clinicians now treat people who stutter using the mind-body-spirit medical philosophy, a model that was being practiced at least three thousand years ago.

Not only the principles and practices of this model are used to treat people who stutter. Such technique also showed effective results with terminally ill cancer patients and catastrophically ill children. Doctors employ visualization, guided imagery, and psychotherapy.

The mind-body-spirit medical philosophy is also known as ?alternative medicine? or ?holistic medicine? because clinicians look into the totality of the person including his mind and body to understand the dynamics that may induce or cause the illness and not just the symptoms.

The underpinning principle for such technique is that human organisms naturally yearn for balance and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Such balance and wellness enables the body to function normally without much effort.

Therefore, recently, speech pathologist Carl H. Scott proposed a PWS in treating people who stutter. His model is based mainly from the mind-body-spirit medical philosophy. The technique does not only treat stuttering symptoms but also work the person toward balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Patients should take note of the adverse attitudes that would lead to unsuccessful treatment. The program is designed to encourage patients to develop their own inner guidance and therefore trust the technique. The technique makes patients self-reliant with a continuing source of information and inspiration to realize their goals.

The information about Stuttering presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about Stuttering or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

The fundamental principle of this process is the commitment and intimate communication of patients with their higher selves. One clinician defines it as ?invisible life force.?

A variety of therapeutic techniques is provided through the healing process. Examples of these are regression, gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, applied kinesiology, EMDR, focusing, visualization, guided imagery, hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP).

The first stage is to guide the patients to identify attitudes, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour that might lead to unsuccessful healing. On this stage, clinicians are often listeners and absorbers of their patients? seethes before the latter will be willing to throw their old belief system and accept a new perspective.

The second stage of the therapeutic sessions is to begin a healing process. Sometimes, this stage involves an inner child work. Other sessions might include dialoguing or forgiveness. The sessions are designed to dispel negative feelings and thoughts that has been stored over the years. This is because negative energies pose threat to therapeutic progress.

The next stage is designed to create a healthy belief system through indoctrination of new and positive thoughts and feelings. The sessions aim to develop a self-acceptance and love in the patients. The fundamental emphasis on this technique is to embed in patients? belief system that everyone has freedom to think, feel, and behave.

This stage is focused on embedding new beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitude, and behaviour on an internal level. Such goal is often attained through the use of guided imagery, visualization, and actively living the life outside the therapy environment.

This systematic process of mind-body-spirit model makes a person achieve fluency and eliminating his stuttering.

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Various Treatment Options for Stuttering in Adults

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Stuttering in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

Stuttering is an impediment to normal, fluent speech. It is a complex set of speech behaviors that include repetition of sounds or syllables, hesitation, and difficulty pronouncing a word or group of words.

If you always find your words stuck at the tip of your tongue, you are not alone. More than three million Americans suffer from this speech difficulty. For sure, you know how hard it is to cope with the condition, not to mention the mocking reaction of others whenever they hear stutters in a speech.

There is no single cure for stammering. However, stutterers can heave a sigh of relief from the fact that their condition can be reduced so that they will become more comfortable with speaking and interacting with people. Because the speech problem varies from one person to another, people who stutter also need different kinds of treatment. The treatment method you will use must be tailored according to your unique symptoms. That way, it will be easy and quick for you to improve your speech fluency.

Nowadays, a wide array of treatments is available for people who stutter. Here are some of the therapies and other treatment options you may consider to control your tendency to stumble when you talk.

Anti-Stuttering Medications

Make sure that the medications you are going to take to reduce stammering are prescribed by your doctor. Certain medications such as risperidone, olanzapine, and haloperidol typically lower the incidence of stammering by 30 to 50 percent. Ask your doctor about the side effects of these drugs, so you will be well prepared if there?s any.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Stuttering. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

Avoid medications that trigger or increase the severity of stammering. These drugs include SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) such as Zoloft and Prozac. Ritalin, a dopamine agonist, is not recommended as well for stutterers.

Stammering Modification Therapy

This treatment method does not aim to stop a person?s stammering altogether, simply because it is impossible. As the term implies, the therapy modifies or alters stammering to make the condition less severe. In addition, the therapy helps eliminate avoidance to social situations and reduce the fear associated with stammering. With the help of a clinically trained speech specialist, you can make yourself a better speaker despite your tendency to stutter, thanks to stammering modification therapy.

Fluency Shaping Therapy

This therapy uses proper articulation, breathing, and relaxation techniques to train a person to speak fluently.
When you undergo fluency shaping therapy, you will learn how to speak correctly and reduce stammering by breathing with your diaphragm, slowly increasing the tension in your vocal cord as you start speaking, prolonging vowels to slow down your rate of speaking, and lessening the pressure on your articulation.
The therapy takes about one to two years to complete. After the therapy, you will notice significant improvements in your speech such as slower and more fluent speech. About 70 percent of patients get successful results from fluency shaping therapy.

Anti-Stuttering Devices

Devices that are designed to stop stuttering are found to be effective when used with fluency shaping therapy. These gadgets provide a modified auditory feedback to their users, helping them to hear their speaking voice.

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Some Important Notes about Stuttering

The following article presents the very latest information on Stuttering. If you have a particular interest in Stuttering, then this informative article is required reading.

What do you know about stuttering? Everybody experiences this at times, especially when the pressure is on and the stress is becoming too much to bear. But this is actually a medical condition which symptoms include repetition, stumbling on words while speaking and far out hesitation as to go on with the thought or not.

The Factors
This case is very likely to run in families. But until now, it is still unclear how the genetic factors affect the condition and how important are these in such case. Another source that experts are looking into is the neurological area. There are some evidences that points to this as the source of the situation.

The Stages

You will notice that little kids do stutter. But they only do so for a short period of time. Only a little percentage from such case will develop the situation into something of a medical condition. They usually go from repeating consonants or having a hard time starting out their thoughts into repeating of words, phrases and sentences. Studies show that this will likely to develop more on males than females on the adulthood phase.

The situation is a passing phase on children’s lives. This is more common on ages 3 to 5. It will return to normal once the person has developed their speech patterns as well as their confidence. Too much fuss about the situation will only make the situation worse. This will make the person who has this self conscious to the point that they will think about it too much and that will only make the situation worse.

But a person who has this will often be able to overcome the situation or the sickness, if they are alone and talking to themselves or if they are singing. They will also find themselves being able to overcome the condition when they are reading aloud.

The information about Stuttering presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about Stuttering or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

The Treatment

A person who is experiencing this kind of problem no longer needs to be examined to know that something is wrong because it is very evident with the way they talk. Check ups will follow up if more than having speech difficulty, other conditions arise.

As the earlier cases of people who tend to stutter have likely been resolved on their own and happen only on a short term period of time. That is why there is not one best cure for this condition. But studies are still being done as well as the observation of people who have this. But if the problem becomes uncontrollable, then you may need to go through speech therapy.

The Setbacks

People who always stutter tend to shy away from other people. As a result, their social skills are being affected in a negative way. Children fear the fact that other people will make fun of them and that they will be ridiculed. If parents will not intervene at such point, children may tend not to speak at all. And this must be avoided.

So when stuttering is already affecting the person on a different level, like they cannot concentrate on school or they cannot make friends in fear of the consequence, consult a medical expert about this. Do not wait for your child to miss out on the glee moments that they must experience just because they have a difficulty in communicating their thoughts.

Those who only know one or two facts about Stuttering can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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Stuttering Treatment for School Aged Kids

When you’re learning about something new, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of relevant information available. This informative article should help you focus on the central points.

Stuttering treatment for school aged kids is different from the one used on preschoolers. This is because the objectives for both are different. The goal for preschoolers is simply to help the child develop fluent ?normal? speech. For school aged children, the goal is to treat what causes stuttering.

Another thing that school aged kids need to do is learn to control their physical behavior whenever they stutter. The eyes usually blink while the body or the head shakes. School aged kids need to improve on that too so the type of therapy they need does not only focus on fluency.

For that, you will need to bring your child to a speech language pathologist who is comfortable working with kids at their age. They have to be certified and licensed as well so if you don?t know where to find one, look online and visit the website of the Stuttering Foundation of America.

There is no cure for stuttering. In fact, each case is different which is why treatment for school aged kids has to be customized. This begins of course by bringing your kid to the clinic so the speech language pathologist can make a diagnosis.

Whichever treatment is used, the objective is the same and that is to ensure kids who stutter are able to communicate effectively and freely. Given that there is no cure for this disorder, you cannot expect that the child will be 100% fluent.

What you should expect is that your kid will be able to deal effectively with stuttering so it will not prevent them from communicating.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Stuttering. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

So how does stuttering treatment work for kids? This involves many components. One example which is very common is that when kids stutter, there exists physical tension and disruptions in timing.

If this is the case, the speech language pathologist may use one of several techniques such as easy onsets, easy speech, easy starts, slow speech and smooth movements. It will be a trial and error phase until such time that the most effective technique is found.

Physical tension is normal whenever the person feels stuck. The only solution is to learn how to relax but this is easier said than done given that when the kid is in a moment of stuttering, things get worse. One technique is to let the kid accept the fact that this disorder is not going away. There is no cure so there is n point in fighting it.

Strange as it may seem, this strategy works because the kid no longer feels scared about how people will react. Studies have shown that this leads to less stuttering and more effective communication.

Treating school aged kids for stuttering takes time and there are many things that the specialist has to consider before recommending the proper treatment. You as a parent should do your share by working together with the specialist and at the same time reinforce the lessons with love and support at home.

School aged kids who do not get proper help for stuttering will have problems for the remainder of their lives. They will not be able to socialize properly and always avoid opportunities in which they are given the chance to speak. They are in short, missing out on a lot of things that are good for their development.

Now might be a good time to write down the main points covered above. The act of putting it down on paper will help you remember what’s important about Stuttering.

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Foolproof Ways to Control Stuttering

An effective speaker is someone who can speak fluently without any trace of mumbling, rattling, and stuttering. If you speak well, people perceive you as a smart, charismatic person. On the other hand, if you often stutter and cannot express yourself clearly when you speak, people see you as an incompetent and weak person. Between the two kinds of speakers, which would you rather be? Of course, anyone would choose to be a fluent speaker.

However, as much as you would like to be flawless when you speak, there are times when anxiety and nervousness get the better of you. Sometimes as you speak, your tongue seems to trip itself over no matter how hard you try not to stutter. Don?t worry, it is possible to overcome this speech problem if you know the ways to control it.

If stuttering has become more of a habit than an exception to you, here are the steps you can take to curb that habit:

1. Create a mental picture of what you are going to say.

People who frequently stutter fail to visualize the words they intend to say before they start to speak. Worse, most of them have no idea what to say exactly and how to express it verbally.

If you try to picture in your mind what you wish to say, then it will be a lot easier for you to find the right words to use to convey your message. It would be better if you practice visualizing the letters of the word you are going to say as you speak.

2. Perform an aural visualization.

See how much you can learn about Stuttering when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information.

Practice speaking the words you usually find difficult to pronounce. That way, you make it more comfortable for you to speak those particular words. Let your brain hear the words you are going to say. This mental exercise helps you get used to speaking the words that typically cause you to stutter. Stutterers who perform the exercise successfully get more confident when they speak.

3. Avoid pressuring yourself too much.

The more you pressure yourself to speak fluently, the higher your chances of stumbling when you speak. It is because you increase your anxiety and stress when you are pressured, causing you to stutter. Stressing out yourself won?t do you any good?just relax and you will soon get the hang of it.

4. Speak more slowly.

The problem with many stutterers is that they speak very fast and forget to breathe before they start speaking. Take a deep breath before you speak and feel the rhythm of every word that comes out. Speaking too fast can lead to more stammering. So speak in a moderate pace so that you will stutter less often and will be understood by your listener.

5. Speak as though you are singing.

Try this: when you speak, do it in a singing way. Do you feel how much easier it is to speak that way? It is because people tend to stutter less when they sing. So why not use that technique to minimize your stuttering?

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

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What Can Parents Do To Help a Child That Stutters

In today’s world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debate. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite surprised to find some of the issues I thought were settled are actually still being openly discussed.

Stuttering is something that happens to a child is between the ages of 2 and 5. It may disappear as the child grows older but it doesn?t mean you should not take any action. To help you, here are a few things that you can do together.

1. Whenever you speak, make sure to say it slowly and with frequent pauses. Studies show that this is more effective than criticizing your child because it is not their fault that they have this problem.

2. If you know what your child wants to ask, never cut them off and just give them time to finish what they have to say. Remember to listen to what he or she is saying, not how it is expressed.

3. You should also reduce the number of questions you ask your child. By giving them more time to speak freely, you enable the child to express their own ideas. Of course, you have to acknowledge what they said so they know you heard them by using facial expressions or other body language. If the child is right in front of you, always maintain eye contact.

4. Letting your child speak should be done at a regular time daily. One good example is when you are eating. This is because everyone is present at the table. There shouldn?t be any disruptions while you are together so you should turn off the television or the radio.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

5. If you are not doing anything during the day, set a certain time in the morning or the afternoon. Give them the opportunity to do whatever they want and you should join in. This is considered as a confidence builder especially among children since they know they can talk about anything with the parent.

6. You are not the only one who should take the brunt when your child stutters. Your spouse needs to help out. If you have other kids, they should do the same because those who stutter will find it easier to talk with people around.

7. Should you correct a child for mispronouncing a word? Not all the time. The important thing is that hey enjoy talking because corrections although well intentioned have a way of making the child very self-conscious of the way they speak.

These are the things you can do as a parent and as a family if one member stutters. But a parent can only do so much if the problem is getting out of hand. For that, you will need to see a specialist who is trained in various techniques to help treat the disorder. This person is known as a speech language pathologist.

Before treatment is done, the pathologist will have to do ask you some questions. There will be one on one interaction between the specialist and the child. You will also have to keep a journal as to how often the stuttering occurs. There is no cure or one treatment that works so this is done through trial and error.

When you look for speech language pathologist, make sure that he or she is a licensed professional certified by the state and by ASHA or American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. You can also get a referral from the Stuttering Foundation of America, a nearby university, hospital or clinic.

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